About Us

Welcome to the Envirocrafts web site. Envirocrafts are art and craft distributors specialising in environmentally friendly biodegradable art and craft products. We not only supply products but we can help enhance your creative minds by providing fantastic links through our web site allowing you to further extend your creativeness.

We are currently in the process of launching a fantastic new art and craft product called Enviroblox that is new to the Australian market.

Enviroblox are made from the finest natural cornstarch in the USA. They are safe, non toxic, 100% bidegradable, eco friendly and an excellent educational product for children over 3 years.

Our aim is to help educate children to use materials that protect the environment and supply safe eco-friendly products that don’t harm the planet.

Enviroblox have received the following awards:

“The best handcraft material”, in Canada 2007.
“Best green product”, by Dr Toy, USA in 2009.
“Most popular craft product in North America”, by educational magazines.